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How Do You Get More Admitted Students to Enroll?
What makes a student decide on a school? The most attractive thing about any school is the people. When an admitted student gets to talk and connect with a current student, they aren’t just learning more about your school, but they are starting to imagine what their future could be like if they attended. But how do you get that connection?
4 Events You Can (Also) Host On Your Virtual Tour Platform
It is vital for your school to keep a powerful and attractive virtual presence within college admissions! And, because our HelloCampus Live technology is so versatile, you aren’t only limited to hosting campus tours. Any of your in-person events can also have a live virtual event to coincide with it, so no students have to miss out! There are endless ideas for you to utilize HelloCampus Live, but we've described 4 awesome ideas here.

They connect and enroll!

Easy for all: 
undergraduates, international students, athletes, job holders, etc., no matter the weather conditions or Covid-19 restrictions.