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The Value of Chat During a Live Virtual Event
A live virtual event has incredible benefits when it comes to building connections. But how do you connect with shy participants, how do you interact with everybody in an organized manner and how do you manage small issues that may appear without distracting you as host from your flow? We have some tips that can help you with all these and more.
Get Creative With New Content for Your HelloCampus Live Tour
Students don’t just want to see the classic and (quite frankly) boring tour stops on campus. They want to connect with your school, get a feel for campus life, and see the environment where they could imagine themselves living. So, why not put your school’s best foot forward and build your HelloCampus Live tour to stand out from any other tour out there!
a display of different types of students

They connect and enroll!

Easy for all: 
undergraduates, international students, athletes, job holders, etc., no matter the weather conditions or Covid-19 restrictions.