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One-on-one texting service that enables your current school guides to connect with, help, and support new students.

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Campaigns that Achieve Your Goals

What are your enrollment or DEI goals? We can help! We create campaigns to match a current student or staff to a new student, to help you achieve your goals. We offer automated text prompts to keep texting focused on those goals. For example, you may want to increase yield rates after walking tours by connecting tour guides to visitors. Or lower summer melt losses by connecting orientation leaders with intending students. Or even increase enrollment from various identity groups with our DEI Mentoring program.

Texting Forms Real Connections

A Campaign starts with inviting and onboarding your chosen guides or mentors (current students or staff). Next, just invite targeted new students to opt-in by sending them a simple invite in your regular communications. During their 3-minute mobile phone opt-in, they create a profile we use to best match them with a current student or mentor. After that, fun, helpful texting happens! We always offer scheduled prompts to help your guides stay focused and keep the texting connection active.

Seamless, Easy, and Affordable Technology

Texting is easy and every student loves it! We made Connections just as fun and easy. You can customize almost everything about a campaign. You can launch a campaign in a day. It takes zero IT involvement. We handle almost everything, while you approve everything. You can even view texts in real-time to see texting magic happen live! Text messages can also be downloaded and appended to your CRM. Your campaign has all the privacy and security measures you would expect. We made it a low-cost solution, with no hidden or add-on fees.

Built with all the features of a Campaign, this new HelloCampus tool will help you as a program manager to drive deeper connections and more engagement with your students.
It's a low-cost, hands-off technology that empowers you to achieve your goals by creating an inclusive environment on campus!

Custom Campaign

Do you have a specific admissions goal? We can help you connect with any prospective student population, at any stage in your enrollment funnel (early high schoolers, admitted applicants, etc). We can also help you connect to enrollees with any characteristic (i.e. transfer students, out-of-state prospects, STEM, etc). Talk to us and together we'll build a custom Connections campaign to meet your unique admissions goal!


A Communication Channel Students Love.

Today’s students love to text. It's what they do all day! They barely read emails or take calls. They skip through videos. Let’s engage them on their preferred medium!

Easy to Launch and Run. No Hassle. Affordable.

Set your goal (yield or enrollment) and launch your campaign in one day with your branding. Takes minimum time and staff to run. No IT staff is needed. Affordable cost!

Safe and Secure.

We use virtual texting numbers. You can view all texts. We flag inappropriate texts. All our security measures ensure a safe and secure experience for all students.


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