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How it works

DEI Mentoring Workshop

Part of your mission as DEI Team is to help your institution recruit and enroll more disadvantaged, marginalized, and historically underserved students.

We are here to support your efforts. With our DEI Mentoring program, you can sponsor a recruitment workshop that can introduce your Department Leaders to our easy-to-use tool to help them achieve their enrollment goals. The workshop creates an actual mentor program for their department and lets them experience how it works.
Once they experience it, they can choose (out of their budget) to implement the program you introduced to them.

Create and Customize Your Program

Which student identity group(s) do you want to attract and enroll? We can help! During your workshop, or in an independent session, you create the identity groups and matching criteria for your unique mentoring program. We’ll also work on initial prompts to best help new students overcome their systemic barriers to enrollment. After text role-playing, and once the workshop/session is over, you can launch your DEI Mentoring program the next day!

We Onboard Mentors and Match Them to Mentees

Pick the mentors you want mentoring mentee students. We onboard your mentors by inviting them to choose their identity group, and by asking a few demographic questions. Mentees provide the same answers during their opt-in. This allows us to best match mentors to mentees with shared identities and similar backgrounds. These matches ensure mentoring focuses on the relevant identity group experiences.

Overcoming Systemic Barriers Using Prompts

Our system will periodically prompt mentors with texting ideas and topics that address known systemic identity group barriers. Prompts can offer helpful suggestions, insights, and real-life input from mentors. Prompts keep conversations focused on known barriers mentees will face. They are key to keeping engagement active and for offering support to mentees.


A Communication Channel Students Love.

Today’s students love to text. It's what they do all day! They barely read emails or take calls. They skip through videos. Let’s engage them on their preferred medium!

Easy to Launch and Run. No Hassle. Affordable.

Set your goal (yield or enrollment) and launch your campaign in one day with your branding. Takes minimum time and staff to run. No IT staff is needed. Affordable cost!

Safe and Secure.

We use virtual texting numbers. You can view all texts. We flag inappropriate texts. All our security measures ensure a safe and secure experience for all students.


We keep our pricing simple and affordable

The DEI office sponsors workshops for any institution’s department or admissions office.  Workshops are priced at $1,000 with volume pricing discounts.

Each department or admissions office can independently choose to launch their own Mentoring program created in the workshop. If they do so, they are billed directly for a $1,900 annual license and monthly fees based on the number of expected registering identity group mentors and mentees. Monthly fees range from a low of $250 a month to over $1,000 a month.

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Other Campaigns

Post-Tour Campaign

Want to grow your post-tour yield rate by 5% or more? As every campus tour comes to an end, your tour guides can hand each student visitor an invitation card. The card invites them to voluntarily opt-in to text with that tour guide after they get home, and all the way through to enrollment. The result is a more engaged applicant who is excited to enroll!

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Summer Orientation Campaign

Amazing things happen when new students and orientation leaders text each other over the summer! They have lots of fun. They get to know each other better. And they do it all while your orientation leaders help the new student hit deadlines, submit forms and learn about your culture. This program will reduce your summer melt. We guarantee it!

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