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How it works

Getting started is EASY!

We make things simple for you. You can sign up and launch in one day!

Send us your mentors’ and mentees’ names and phone numbers. We’ll onboard them in our system and connect them with one another.

More engagement = deeper mentoring!

Mentors & mentees text each other. This leads to more engagement and deeper relationships!

If there’s a lull in communication, we’ll occasionally send pre-written icebreaker prompts to mentors to keep the conversation flowing.

Data analytics & reporting keep you informed.

Do you occasionally feel in-the-dark when managing your mentor program?

Our analytics allows you to track engagement between your pairs. That way, you can better manage your program and measure success.


See analytics and reporting on every mentor pair. You’ll never feel "in-the-dark" again!

Eliminate the need for email and excessive face-to-face meetings. Texting is easy, fast, and preferred by students!

Share pre-written icebreaker prompts with mentors that can be used to encourage conversation.

Run this program hands-free! Only takes 30 minutes per week to manage with no IT involvement needed.

It’s low-cost! Our platform is made affordable for any college mentoring program.

Other Campaigns

Post-Tour Campaign

Want to grow your post-tour yield rate by 5% or more? As every campus tour comes to an end, your tour guides can hand each student visitor an invitation card. The card invites them to voluntarily opt-in to text with that tour guide after they get home, and all the way through to enrollment. The result is a more engaged applicant who is excited to enroll!

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Summer Orientation Campaign

Amazing things happen when new students and orientation leaders text each other over the summer! They have lots of fun. They get to know each other better. And they do it all while your orientation leaders help the new student hit deadlines, submit forms and learn about your culture. This program will reduce your summer melt. We guarantee it!

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DEI Mentoring Program

Together we run a 90-minute workshop for admissions or various departments to create your mentoring program. Mentors then help intending students, from specific identity groups, overcome the systemic barriers they face during their enrollment journey. Bottom line: You help your institution enroll a more diverse student body!

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