Summer Orientation Campaign

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How it works

Brand and Personalize Your Program

Provide us with your logo and pick your opt-in phrase. We open a unique number for your school’s program. After that, just invite all your deposit students to opt-in as early as you’d like! You can do so by including a single sentence in all the regular communications you send to them. The sooner they opt-in the better. To do so, they just text your phrase to your number. The intending student answers a few questions about major, hometown, and interests and we match them to your orientation leaders. They can text each other all the way through the first day of class!

We Onboard Your Orientation Leaders

Invite your orientation leaders (OLs) to join so they can connect with your incoming students. We’ll onboard your orientation leaders and get them set up on Connections. Once a new student opts in, we will match them to the OL you pre-assign, or we can use our best-matching algorithms to connect leaders and students based on major, hometown, and area of interest. Once matched, orientation leaders can begin texting students about important deadlines, registration information, or to answer any question or curiosity an intending student may have.

Make Suggestions and Create Topic Prompts

Our system will periodically prompt orientation leaders to reach out to their matched students with important info, new texting ideas, or to remind them of deadlines. Prompts can be about signing up for academic support service, how to access the student portal, or when to submit forms. Prompts can also help students understand their financial aid and billing processes. A favorite prompt is to have orientation leaders suggest restaurants for the last meal before guardians drop off students.

Guide Help Pages, Live Helpline, and Guaranteed Student Response

Your orientation leaders can text from home, school, or vacation. We offer your OLs a staffed helpline, 8 am - 9 pm local time. We also offer content pages on any relevant texting topic. Finally, we ensure every visiting student’s texted-in questions can always receive a human response within two hours.

You can Monitor and Read Every Text.

Connections is a powerful research tool you can use to learn about important issues for your intending students. You get a dashboard with access to view every conversation. You can also download conversations and append them to your CRM system.

Safe, Secure, and Private Environment

With every orientation connection made, we ensure no sensitive or personal information is shared.  We flag inappropriate texting and we limit media file sharing. Our goal is to ensure every student and every orientation leader feels safe texting on our platform.


A Communication Channel Students Love.

Today’s students love to text. It's what they do all day! They barely read emails or take calls. They skip through videos. Let’s engage them on their preferred medium!

Easy to Launch and Run. No Hassle. Affordable.

Set your goal (yield or enrollment) and launch your campaign in one day with your branding. Takes minimum time and staff to run. No IT staff is needed. Affordable cost!

Safe and Secure.

We use virtual texting numbers. You can view all texts. We flag inappropriate texts. All our security measures ensure a safe and secure experience for all students.


Orientation Program Price

We Keep Our Pricing Simple And Affordable

You tell us your expected enrollment number and your number of Orientation Leaders and we bill you a flat rate for your next Orientation period.

The price also includes sending Orientation Leaders prompts out (1 every week or two). 

There are no hidden fees and texting is unlimited.
We encourage texting!

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Other Campaigns

Post-Tour Campaign

Want to grow your post-tour yield rate by 5% or more? As every campus tour comes to an end, your tour guides can hand each student visitor an invitation card. The card invites them to voluntarily opt-in to text with that tour guide after they get home, and all the way through to enrollment. The result is a more engaged applicant who is excited to enroll!

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DEI Mentoring

Our DEI Mentoring program helps you recruit more disadvantaged students from various identity groups. Together we run a 90-minute workshop for admissions or various departments to create your mentoring program. Mentors then help intending students, from specific identity groups, overcome the systemic barriers they face during their enrollment journey. Bottom line: You help your institution enroll a more diverse student body!

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