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4 Events You Can (Also) Host On Your Virtual Tour Platform

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May 19, 2022

Ever since the pandemic, virtual options for communication have become overly accessible to the world. People are so comfortable communicating virtually, that it has become "the new normal" in every industry. Many companies have embraced a remote/hybrid style of work because they know the benefits of a virtual space! If people can do almost anything from their own devices, why would they want to go back to their old way of life? They don’t!

Just as employees prefer the remote work model, families will enjoy visiting your school virtually when they can’t visit in person. That’s why it is so vital for your school to keep a powerful and attractive virtual presence within college admissions! And, because our HelloCampus Live technology is so versatile, you aren’t only limited to hosting campus tours. Any of your in-person events can also have a live virtual event to coincide with it, so no students have to miss out!
There are endless ideas for you to utilize HelloCampus Live, but here are just a few:

  1. Virtual Open Houses

A virtual open house is a great first step for students to explore programs, learn about what your school offers and meet with students, faculty, and staff. With HelloCampus Live, you can hold plenty of information sessions throughout the day. We suggest setting up multiple sessions to be held over the course of 1-2 days, with different hosts like professors, alumni, coaches, admissions staff, financial aid officers, etc. This is easy to manage, as your school’s host can present their session from the comfort of their own home and at a time that works for them. Plus, students can sign up for multiple sessions that interest them! The platform allows up to 12 participants per session, so students will have better chances to interact with their host and engage with the rest of the participants (being that it is a small crowd). Talking with department chairs or professors is a great way for them to ask questions, explore their curiosities and passions and see if your programs resonate with them. Plus, they can get to know their peers! A virtual open house gives them a first look at the culture of your school and helps them begin to understand whether or not your school is the right fit for them.

  1. Virtual Accepted Students Days

A virtual Accepted Students Day is another opportunity for students to see what makes your school so special! Not only is this a time when they can meet other accepted students, but they can also experience your facilities, all through a live video connection. Our virtual map allows students to explore more of campus by visiting different buildings, classrooms, dorm rooms, the library, cafeteria, and just about anywhere! Through pictures, videos, and 360º images, students  can feel like they are really on campus! Plus, they have the possibility to experience things outside of campus. Our platform can take students to any location such as the best areas to grab dinner in the city, the airport that is only a half-hour away from your campus, or even your study abroad campus in Rome, Italy! With aesthetic media content and the feeling of flying over our map to land on different areas, students can experience these off-campus sites that they would not have been able to in person! Participating in a Virtual Accepted Students Day lets students socialize and interact with peers who may just be their future classmates, and get more acquainted with the campus and off-campus areas. All of this will help students feel connected to your school and strengthen their decision to attend.

  1. Meet a Current Student

Talking one-on-one with a current student is a great way for accepted students to envision what their future could be like if they attended your school. Such an interaction could easily help with your admission objective: how do you get more admitted students to enroll. With a Day-in-The-Life tour, accepted students can socialize with a current student, while seeing pictures/videos from their college life, such as their dorm room, their favorite hangout spots on campus, or lively sporting events they’ve attended. It’s important for accepted students to have the opportunity to ask current students questions! This way they can begin to expect what college life at your school is like, how they will fit in, and how they should prepare for it. This interactive and engaging event with a current student really paints the picture for accepted students and it can help make their decision easier to enroll at your school.

  1. Virtual Orientation

Consider a virtual orientation event as a way for enrolled students to get even more comfortable with their school and classmates before starting classes in the Fall! Students can not only make friends, but they can learn about school resources, get help registering for classes, and explore campus activities. With HelloCampus Live, you can provide students with fun social activities starting from icebreaker games, an orientation team building bingo, trivia, or a virtual scavenger hunt! A great way to facilitate the bond between upperclassmen and freshmen is offering an upperclassmen entertainment guide! Passing on recommendations for the best local hangout spots can really welcome the new class. Plus, you can offer live virtual faculty meet-and-greets for any last-minute questions! This event should alleviate any nervousness that students may have about arriving on campus because it gets them even more acquainted with your school and their classmates.

Our platform not only lets your visitors experience a virtual map and fly to different areas of your campus, but it also lets you upload any videos, photos, 360º images, and informational slides. There are so many possibilities to mimic your in-person event and have students feel like they are really on campus! We have plenty of ideas in our article on How to Get Creative with New Content for Your HelloCampus Live Tour. Utilizing plenty of video footage and 360º images lets students feel like they are experiencing campus through their own eyes. With a combination of aesthetic content, informative presentation slides, and a live virtual connection, every host has the potential to really engage with students and give them an event that they will remember when they are making their college decision!

When is your next event?

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