Reduce Summer Melt With HelloCampus Connections

Posted on:
April 12, 2021

Before Covid-19, several studies found that summer melt rates were up to 40% among intending college students. With the unimaginable toll that the pandemic has had on the graduating class of 2021, this percentage is only expected to rise. It has been proven that there is a direct correlation between stress (amplified by lack of socialization/support) and increased summer melt.

Watch the recording of our webinar where we shared our solution to summer melt and introduce our new platform, HelloCampus Connections:

  • We have created a texting service that welcomes and supports incoming freshmen by connecting them with peer mentors/counselors.
  • Our solution is centered on creating personal connections for intending students, that aim to simplify the onboarding process and reduce anxieties related to transitioning to college.
  • Not only is texting personal, but it keeps social distancing and can be done from anywhere, with no scheduling or planning ahead.
  • There is a natural interest for students, ages 18-24, to use texting as their main form of communication.

We built Connections from the ground up for your unique needs.

Brian Lawe, CEO

Just a few of the challenges that HelloCampus Connections covers:

  • For intending students: it is voluntary. We get their permission to share texts and profile.
  • For orientation and tour guides: it must fit their summer plans. We offer a help desk and texting ideas.
  • Privacy: we don't use the guides' or counselors' real numbers, we use masked, system-generated ones.
  • Monitoring: we flag inappropriate texting for your review. You get copies of every text.

We have set up a Demo for you, it only takes a few minutes. Check it out below!

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