Why We Love HelloCampus Live (And You Should, Too!)

Posted on:
October 8, 2021

The success of a college campus tour depends on one thing: personal connections. Not only do students want to make sure that a university or college will meet their expectations and needs, but they also want to find a sense of belonging. A campus tour should allow each student to really feel the campus, help them imagine themselves living there, and give them the opportunity to interact with current students during their visit. Our team at HelloCampus understands that a strong personal connection made with a campus tour guide can foster this sense of belonging for each student, which can make or break their decision to attend a school. This is why we are so passionate about our live virtual platform, HelloCampus Live.

We have developed a way for prospective students to have a high quality campus tour experience from the comfort of their homes. Whether it is because of Covid-19 restrictions, or international and out-of-state travel, some students do not have the opportunity to visit a school in-person. We are here to ensure that these students develop personal connections with the institutions that interest them, and ultimately increase enrollment. After-all, human connection is the key to success.

Here are some of the unique qualities of HelloCampus Live that not only foster these personal connections, but streamlines the in-person campus tour to a virtual experience.
We love them, and we know you will too!

Live Video Connection

Unlike interactive maps where students click through tour stops and pictures on their own, HelloCampus provides a live video connection with a campus tour guide and other visitors. Through their laptop camera and microphone, prospective students can ask any questions they want, while the tour guide shows them content on a virtual map. The tour guide will have the opportunity to learn about the visitor’s interests and tailor the tour to them. Talking real time with visitors is a great way for the tour guide to capitalize on his unique tour guide skills and break the ice, make jokes, and create a fun and exciting environment just as they would on a walking tour.

Tour Stops Outside of Campus

Our virtual map allows campus tour guides to take visitors anywhere they want on the globe! HelloCampus is not as restrictive as an in-person walking tour, or any other virtual platform that uses a pre-built campus map. If a student would like to see some of the fun things to do downtown or visit a study abroad location in Italy, the tour guide can fly them over the map and access that pin in just a click of the mouse.

Virtual Storytelling Pins

Not only can you pin any location, but tour stops do not have to be limited to a specific building or place. If you would like to tell your visitors about different school traditions, historical events, clubs and organizations, or the admissions process, then you can create a virtual pin that would act just as a regular tour stop. The tour guide can open the pin, and begin telling visitors all about the debate club or the end of the year dodgeball tournament that students love. This is where creativity has no limit, you can pin just about anything!

Update Content Anytime

Our platform allows visitors to experience multiple types of content for each tour stop. Whether it’s pictures, videos, 360 degree photos, or powerpoint slides, your message will come across to visitors, and they will feel like they are walking on campus. This can bring a lot of diversity to a campus tour and it’s easy to use! You can also change or edit your content and information at any time with no effort and at no cost. If you have new images you would like to include, or videos or tour stops that are no longer relevant, you can easily add/delete anything, and it will be available in seconds!

Most importantly, our platform has the ability to bring people together from all over the world. There are no limitations or costs for international and far away students to visit the schools they want. Remember, most students cannot afford to visit ten different schools that they may have on their list. With HelloCampus Live, any prospective student can make personal connections with the schools of their choice, and they can find the one that is the right fit for them!

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